My name is Serina Bird and I am a proud frugalista.

A frugalista, if you are wondering, is someone who always looks fashionable even on a budget. I extend this not just to my wardrobe, but what I eat, cook and how I live as well.  And a frugal lifestyle enables me to live well while saving and investing, and ultimately becoming more prosperous.  My Dad tells me I come from a long line of frugal ancestors.

This is me with my husband, Neil. We had a fabulous frugal wedding in September 2018.

But while it is a necessity for me at the moment, I love being frugal.  You see, I believe in the Buddhist concept of non-attachment.  (Just to complicate things, I practice Buddhist beliefs but am also active in my church community. I see no conflict with this, and neither does my congregation.)  I abhor blatant commercialism that tries to show that happiness is through things. I am truly grateful for the abundance in my life.  I like to live simply, to show my children values that aren’t associated with stuff (still working on that one), and to tread more lightly on this earth.  I also hope that through my frugality I can one day become fabulously wealthy.  I want to be a billionaire.  I will be a billionaire.  I have a bit of a way to go, but so far I have made a good start.

Not too long ago I was a career woman on a high-flying posting in Asia.  I was still frugal in some ways, such as shopping at my local morning wet market rather than the expensive department stores.  But overall I lived the good life in a luxurious apartment that once housed the former President (before he was jailed for corruption).  Behind closed doors things were less glamorous, and there were serious and violent problems in my relationship.  As I transitioned to being the main carer and financial provider, while paying all the crazy costs associated with separation and divorce, I delved into my inner frugality.

I’ve now remarried and arguably, I don’t  need to be frugal. But now it has become a way of life that I am proud of.

I feel passionate to write about my frugal lifestyle and to encourage others to save more because I see so many people struggling with their financial situation.  Australia is one of the wealthiest counties in the world, experiencing 26 years without an economic downturn.  Yet everywhere I see people struggling with money: struggling in their relationships, struggling to buy enough things to keep their kids happy, struggling in jobs they don’t like but are too scared to leave, or struggling in relationships that are seriously bad but they can’t afford to leave.  Life is abundant.  And when you respect and understand money, it almost magically transforms itself into something that grows and grows and grows.  In financial terms it is called compound interest, but I like to think of it as prosperity manifesting.

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  1. Ms. Frugal Ears, I have been your fan of the other blog and I followed it to here… Your cross-cultural posts, recipes, and more are wonderful and inspiring.

    1. Thank you:) That is ever so kind of you. I love your work as well at Miss Panda Chinese. I am definitely going to use your resources with my children!

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