Follow my quest to give away at least 366 items in a meaningful way in 2020.

What is the challenge about?

Minimalism is so in. Anything that doesn’t bring you joy is out the door. But what happens to it then?

What if instead of just throwing away your unwanted things, you could ensure that they bring joy to others? In this challenge, I seek not just to declutter and downsize the things that no longer bring me joy, but I am seeking to find ways to give my stuff away in a meaningful and intentional way to give other people joy as well. In essence, I’m spending a year embracing slow gifting. Along the way, I will be exploring sustainability, giving and receiving, non-attachment and the importance of community. You can find out about the challenge I set up here. And I’ve listed the blog posts and giveaway tally below.

#joyfulgiving366 posts

I’ve given away 309 items – and counting!

A blue flower bobby pin (30 December 2019)1
Diamonte earrings (30 December 2019)1
A little black dress (30 December 2019)1
A peasant top (30 December 2019)1
The Wife Drought by Annabel Crabb (30 December 2019)1
A jar of olives (31 December 2019)1
Biography of Elizabeth Macarthur by Michelle Scott-Tucker (1 January 2020)1
A plastic faux amber necklace (2 January 2020)1
A green semi-precious stone art deco necklace (2 January 2020)1
A pearl necklace (returned to my sister, with love, 2 January 2020)1
A pearl bangle (2 January 2020)1
A butterfly scarf (2 January 2020)1
City Chic houndstooth skirt (2 January 2020)1
Grey lace net skirt (2 January 2020)1
Liz Claiborne shirt, not pictured on blog (2 January 2020)1
Diana Ferrari dress (2 January 2020)1
Regatta striped long sleeves top (2 January 2020)1
Three Head and Shoulder shampoo bottles (3 January 2020)3
A collection of hotel toiletries, e.g. shampoo, conditioner, soap, razor set (3 January 2020)10
A jar of instant coffee (3 January 2020)1
Two sports towels (3 January 2020)2
The Cat in the Hat DVD (3 January 2020)1
Where the Wild Things Are DVD (3 January 2020)1
Facemask (4 January 2020)1
Book: Finding your Inner Calm (4 January 2020)1
Book: Beating the Street by Peter Lynch (4 January 2020)1
Old cutlery (5 January 2020)1
Book: Wholefoods for Children (6 January 2020)11
Book: Healthy Eating for Kids (6 January 2020)1
IKEA Octopus laundry hanger (7 January 2020)1
DVD: 27 Dresses (7 January 2020)1
Book: Women and Money by Suze Orman (8 January 2020)1
Book: Slow and Steady by John de Ravin (8 January 2020)1
Book: Underspent by Rachel Smith (8 January 2020)1
Book: Healing Through Humour (9 January 2020)1
Book: Glamour by Louise Bagshawe (9 January 2020)1
Food scraps via ShareWaste (10 January 2020)1
One orange top (12 January 2020)1
One ball gown (12 January 2020)1
One hairpiece for someone who just got engaged (12 January 2020);1
One red and white cardigan (12 January 2020)1
Willow Pattern dinner set (13 January 2020)1
Book: Think and Grow Rich, The Legacy by James Whittaker (14 January 2020)1
A memory card matching game (15 January 2020)1
A Lola and Charlie floor puzzle (15 January 2020)1
An IKEA indoor kids tent (15 January 2020)1
Book: Women’s Weekly The Afternoon Tea Collection (15 January 2020)1
A bag of clothes (mainly leftover from a clothes swap) (16 January 2020)6
Book: Do It! A guide to living your dreams (17 January 2020)1
Food – bananas, apricots, stale bread rolls, milk, wine (17 January 2020)5
Book: Shopaholic to the Rescue by Sophie Kinsella (20 January 2020)1
Delicious. Magazine x1 (21 January)1
Delicious. Magazine x2 (22 January)2
Delicious. Magazine x 2 (24 January)2
Book: Bodies of Men by Nigel Featherstone (29 January)1
Hand grips (30 January)1
Skipping rope (30 January)1
Hair curlers (31 January)1
A white Cue brand shirt; (1 February)1
A pair of Calvin Klein pants; (1 February)1
A purple/blue jacket (1 February);1
A light grew top (1 February)1
A white top (1 February)1
A light green knit top (1 February)1
A navy blue knitted baby’s jacket (Country Road) (1 February)1
A size 6 grey skirt (1 February)1
A Korean black and bright red floral dress (1 February)1
A pair of black platform shoes (1 February)1
A retro (80s?) handmade top and skirt (1 February)1
A size 6/8 black skirt (1 February)1
A plastic container (1 February)1
Handknitted jumper for Neil1
Japanese floor chairs x 44
Small wooden stool1
Kombucha SCOBY1
Plastic container full of food scraps1
Book:  Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy by Lynley Dodd1
Book:  Watch me throw the Ball by Mo Willems1
Plastic bucket to use in the bath1
Book: Stock Market Secrets by Marcus Padley1
Book: The Cat and the Tao by Kwong Kuen Shan1
A bag of Indonesian coffee beans1
Money Magazine magazines x33
Money chat – #authorsforfireys1
Sourdough starter1
Book The Power Age: A celebration of life’s second act by Kelly Doust1
Sourdough starter (plus bread flour)1
Book Peepo! by Allan and Janet Ahlberg1
8 x children’s books featuring art from some of the world’s best art galleries themed with ABC1
A floral dress1
A packet of retro dominoes1
One grey dressing gown1
One ochre toned floral top1
Sourdough starter1
Scraps via Share Waste1
Empty Huawei mobile phone box for my dad1
City Chic ballgown dress for my sister1
AFR newspaper for @latestarterFIRE1
Book: Love Worthy by Jo Worthy1
Book: The Great Sales Book by Jack Collis1
Book: No Country Woman by Zoyta Patel1
Mason jar filled with glass beads and a bulb1
Writing advice1
2 x Japanese gardening books2
3 x little boys’ undies in good condition (and clean!)3
2 x pairs of little boys’ socks2
4 x school uniform shorts4
3 x kid’s books3
3 x Chinese language books published in Taiwan3
Zara brand boys summer shirt1
A portable DVD player1
The Very Hungry Caterpillar game1
Tupperware kitchen scales1
A pink overnight bag with a heart design on it1
Sourdough starter1
Two pairs of boys jeans2
Five kitchen utensils5
A wrought-iron doormat1
A bamboo blind1
A white, cotton Carole Hochman dressing gown1
Bag of clothes for Zonta preloved Fashion Sale12
Hat/fascinator for a bridal shower1
Pokemon UNO1
Book:   Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable1
Book: Special Guest: Recipes for the happily imperfect host by Annabel Crabb and Wendy Sharp1
A roll of toilet paper1
A loaf of home-baked sourdough bread1
A big bag of scraps for the chooks1
Food for a sick friend1
A black jacket1
A white, lace dress1
A blue cotton top1
A pair of curtains1
4 x kitchen utensils4
One small Lego man1
Vegan sausage, lentil and purslane lunch1
Book: What to expect when you are expecting1
19 x clothes19
8 x jewellery8
Volunteering with Zonta with PLFS1
A copy of The Joyful Frugalista, donated to the raffle1
Book: How much is enough? By Will Buttrose, Ita Buttrose and Mike Galgut1
Six hole egg poacher1
Green tomatoes – Trish and Bob1
Green tomatoes – inlaws1
A pair of red, corduroy pants1
A compact mirror1
Some homemade honey and coconut oil cough drops1
How I Became a Famous Novelist by Steve Hely1
Fire Relief Crafting Circle Squares8
Book: Spot’s big book of words1
Book: 3-minute stories: bedtime tales1
Mini-cupcakes with Nutella icing (RFS thank you event)1
Sourdough bread1
ANZAC Biscuits1
Mushrooms to neighbours1
Sourdough starter x 33
Sourdough starter x 33
Cooking for a sick friend (homemade pizza plus banana muffins)2
Sourdough starter x 11
Home cooked meal for a sick friend (mango chicken)1
Book: The Warren Buffett Way (3rd edition) by Robert G. Hagstrom1
Sourdough starter x 22
Foraged field mushrooms x 22
Jigsaw puzzle: The Blue Vase by Paul Cézanne1
Build a solar house physics kit1
Mango chicken curry meal for Neil’s sick friend1
A 1,000 piece puzzle of the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco1
Sourdough starter1
2 x avocados2
Cream satin wedding dress1
Cream shoes1
White gold and diamond necklace (on loan)1
750-piece jigsaw puzzle of Sifnos, Greece1
High frequency word bingo1
6 x forks6
Yellow plastic capsicum storer1
Money Magazine1
food scraps for my in-laws chooks1
7 x boys clothes7
green vintage woollen coat1
Tibetan mandala jigsaw puzzle1
Japanese garden jigsaw puzzle1
Laundry bag1
2 x foundation (make-up)2
Book: The Alexander Cipher by Will Adams1
Audio CD: Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz1
Candle: Song of Oya (Joy)1
Candle: Song of Oya (Goddess Laksmi)1
500-piece Ravensberg puzzle of a girl and kittens (three pieces missing)  1
Microwave oven with plastic food1
Boys shoes1
Lego Ninjago movie set1
Gina Ford baby lullaby book1
Baby toy for putting shapes in1
Helping a friend build a computer1
Lego rescue set (three parts, one kit)1
Pet pillow1
A container of waste for chooks1
A flags of the world jigsaw puzzle1
Money Magazine, March 20201
Lunch: sourdough bread and mushroom soup1
Black dress with zip down the front1
Classic black jacket1
Jacqui-E corporate dress1
Sourdough bread x 22
Container of food scraps x 22
Kids books x 33
Kids book x 77
Book: Silver linings1
Blue Indian cotton top1
Sourdough bread1
Kids books x 33